Video for websites

Affordable, professional video for your website

Visuals are key - people don't read on screen

Professionally shot and directed video can add a huge boost to the effectiveness of your website. The same is true of photography. The power of good visuals is huge, engaging and influencing like nothing else

Presentations, seminars, conferences

As good as being there

Engaging, interactive, and easily done

Engaging your audience is the most crucial part of any communications strategy. Video can’t do it alone, nor can text, nor can PowerPoints. Combining them all – that works!

Live, recorded, or both

Unique, bespoke solutions

Quality websites for modern communications

Live webcasting is huge – easily the fastest growing online technology. How do you make it work for your business? I offer unique solutions you won’t find anywhere else.

What’s the story with web video?

Web video. It has to look good and work well, anything else isn’t good enough. Webcasting technology allows for easy to view content, instantly, anywhere in the world, and on thousands of different devices, from smartphones in people’s pockets to computers on their desk. So what do you use this technology for? Nothing less than a slick, intuitive experience, the same across all devices, will do, and the expectation is extremely high. Badly produced video can have a detrimental effect, creating an unprofessional image that just frustrates viewers.

I’m Oli Gaffikin. I create web video for all sorts of applications – from corporate conferences to personal celebrations, all with a focus on engagement, interactivity, and visual impact, and most importantly that will resonate with your audience; they will feel involved and engaged. I’m also a reseller of the unique GlobalPodium online presentation platform, which takes live webcasting to a whole new level, by adding multiple layers of user interactivity. It might be a live webcast of a full corporate conference, a live interactive seminar, a simple introducer presentation, or a personal celebration, any form of presentation is possible.

Here are a few of the projects I’ve worked on: