Videographer and Photographer

Affordable, professional imagery and video

Visuals are essential!

I’m a professional videographer and stills photographer with 20 years’ experience, working for clients big and small – small project updates to multinational corporate conferences

Live webcast specialist

Performances, seminars, conferences, celebrations

Engaging, interactive, and easily done

The last few years have seen a massive growth of live video production on the web, its the biggest growth area in online technology. Education, training, business communications, entertainment and celebrations

Video tech specialist

Knowledge of equipment and service requirements

Multi camera video production

As well as shooting the content, I manage the technical aspects of acquisition and delivery – multi camera shoots, live streaming, live remote management, lighting, audio, backgrounds…

So Why Use A Professional?

The last few years have seen lots of us become expert in videoing ourselves – Zoom and MS Teams have become household names, as they did a brilliant job of keeping things running during lockdowns. However, the video is home-made, and it looks, well, home-made. Now lockdowns are over (touch wood), things don’t have to look home-made anymore. As well as those services, there are incredible live streaming options that allow us to easily reach an audience of 1 or 1 million. Using them is vital, how we implement them is the question.

I’m Oli Gaffikin. I’ve been creating web video and photography for all sorts of applications – conferences, seminars, performances, personal celebrations, sports events and advertisements, for some of the biggest names out there. Always the focus is on engagement, interactivity, and visual impact, so your audience don’t just watch, but feel involved and engaged. As well as creating the content, I organise delivery of it too, through the numerous technological platforms available today. This knowledge of all parts of the process means I can deliver a seamless process that just works better!

Here are a few of the projects I’ve worked on: