I’ve been creating video for many years – everything from a simple talking head interview, to advertisements and explainer videos, to a multiple camera live broadcast to an audience of over a million. The USP I bring to any video production is that I know how to produce for the destination – is the video going to be live or recorded? viewed on smartphone (vertical), computer screen or TV? embedded in a window or viewed full screen? These are all factors that affect the production decisions, and can’t be fixed after the shoot, so they have to be right. I offer a full multi-camera and microphone kit, including vision mixer, that is ready to go, and offer a 4K workflow.

  • Talking head presentations
  • Interviews for broadcast, including news and documentary
  • Corporate video – training, promotion and documentary
  • Advertisement and explainer video production
  • Event multi-camera setups, including conferences, sports, theatre and more.
  • Live broadcast specialist, including to YouTube, Facebook, Zoom and MS Teams
  • Theatre and dance live broadcast
  • Paywall implementation for live web video

Before working in video, I was a stills photographer, initially working for local events, but moving on to more high-end work such as annual reports, national newspapers and higher end events. As well as traditional photography, I’m also familiar with more diverse forms, such as immersive (360 degree panoramas), macro and timelapse photography, where the line between video and still imagery blurs. Also having worked as a graphic designer and web designer, I can provide optimised images for your project.

Areas I’ve covered include:

  • Conferences with up to 10000 attendees
  • Sports, including live real-time feed of images
  • Annual reports
  • News gathering – including for national newspapers and magazines
  • Project progress
  • Celebrations, including weddings and funerals
  • Studio shoots, including product and food photography

Even the best content can lose impact if it isn’t implemented properly into a web presence or publication. Having worked as both a graphic designer and web developer, I know how to plan imagery from the concept stage through to implementation. Here are a few questions that you may – or may not – have addressed in planning your project. These are essential, and often overlooked:

  • Is the video to be displayed on your website, or a 3rd party such as YouTube or Zoom?
  • Are graphics optimised for transparency to minimise distraction
  • Is space to be left for titles, logos etc.
  • Are still images to be displayed landscape or portrait in final publication?
  • Does the recorded video require navigation?
  • Is the video optimised for responsive resizing by device?
  • Does the video require a paywall?

all implementations that add huge value and professionalism to your project, but are often missed. Do you have these covered?