Dynamic Planner (then Distribution Technology) is the leading UK supplier of Financial Management Software. They were having their annual conference, and it was a big deal; the highlight of the year. They set me three tasks:

  • Record a video presentation of a presenter who could not make it on the day
  • Record and broadcast live the presentations through the day
  • Make an advert to run through the day, advertising their product and how it benefitted clients

To achieve these objectives, I used the GlobalPodium online presentation platform. All presentations were broadcast live, and were watched by an audience around the country, which consisted mainly of clients who could not make it on the day. After the event was complete, I edited the footage with the client, to get the core, salient parts of each presentation, and the result was a complete record of the day that was clear, and easy to navigate.

For the advert, we wrote the script, then shot the footage a month in advance of the conference, then edited and polished in the normal way.