MediaPool is a production agency in West London, with clients mainly in the health sector. They have some huge clients, including Roch, Merck-Sorono, GI Cancer Experts, Biogen, and others. They frequently get asked to broadcast research presentations to a small but select group of highly qualified scientists around the world. These presentations are always highly informative and technical, so the material has its challenges.

They first contacted me in 2014 and asked me to assist them with this process. Since that time, using the GlobalPodium webinar platform, we have live webcast many research presentations to global audiences, who attend on all manner of devices – including smartphone, tablet, and laptop, and from behind notoriously aggressive health sector firewalls. These research presentations are often lengthy and highly technical – the combination of a live streamed presentation, with the highly interactive features GlobalPodium gives, is a great solution for high-level clients like these.